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Bennett in Britain started as a way for the two of us to communicate and maintain a connection with our friends and family in Canada. Over the past 3 years we’ve had some incredible opportunities and experiences, and we have no interest in having these end. After taking time to reflect on our time as students abroad we came to the conclusion that perhaps we could help other people who have found themselves in a number of situations.

  • Living abroad – It’s not as scary as people seem to think it is
  • Studying abroad – Two different university experiences have helped us to develop a different understanding than we thought
  • Living with a sibling full time – Tips on preventing the accidental murder of a loved one
  • Traveling with a sibling – We’re constantly asked how we do it…generally it’s using a means of transportation to get to a destination. It’s the process and the experience that’s less straight forward.
  • What happens after you’re supposed to go home!? – We’ve chosen to stay and want to talk about it.

We’re hoping that with this redevelopment of Bennett in Britain we will be able to help provide a little insight into what we have been doing, what we will be doing, the joys and torment of sibling travel while we explore the UK.

We hope you find this blog to be both informative and entertaining; we look forward to having people join us in this experience. As we’re constantly on the look out for interesting things to do and write about, please feel free to share your favourite activities and sights throughout the UK and Europe.



Bennett In Britain

With so many profiles and bio’s required of us I’m still unsure why I’ve given myself one more to fill out. I’ll do my best to find a balance between a CV and a dating profile.

After spending YEARS of my life bouncing between educational pursuits and the humdrum  repetition of adult life. I fled Canada. Having jumped at the opportunity to start fresh in the UK I embarked on the adventure of a life time with my sister. With the motivation of quitting my job nipping at my heels, I drove head first into course of study that interested me greatly and I was seemingly strong in. I’d be happy to bore anyone interested with the farce that is my educational career using a less public forum.

However, tragedy struck (gasp!). 2/3 of the way though our degrees, the sister and I had our student visas revoked (through not fault of our own), I lost my passport (ALL MY FAULT), and we were forced to find a new educational establishment. This experience while not ideal has provided me an experience few student’s are forced to deal with and as a result have developed jealousy and hatred for those who have hiccup free lives…I mean…I developed into a more well rounded person.

As my education came to an end, I started thinking not only about my professional development, but about how I could find a way to fulfil my desire to see more of the UK and Europe. I had found that after 3 years I’d seen a shockingly small amount of it. Additionally, I also had the desire to torment the world with my words, and keep my mother from thinking I was dead. Thus, the transformation of Bennett in Britain from Ex-Pat diary into a legitimate exploration of experience and surroundings.

I’m thrilled that I have the opportunity to embark on this new phase of my life and adventure side by side with my sister not only as my favourite travel companion but in co-authorship of this blog.




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